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DermaQuest™ Skin Therapy offers professional skincare products which have been designed to go beyond relaxation and spa treatments. DermaQuest™ products will move your skin quickly toward visible improvement through professional treatments and customised home care solutions.

I am always interested in helping you reach a clear and glowing complexion. If you are suffering with an unbalanced skin, please do not hesitate to get it touch. I am passionate about clear skin and have many modalities to employ that will ensure you skin is no longer your enemy, but something to be proud of. I also stock the wonderful GLAMGLOW face mask which is simply adorable. Please call me on 01932 566776 to book a free consultation.

Skin Resurfacers - Skin Peels

Dancing On Ice pro skater Brianne Delcourt loves her Dermaquest skin treatments.

Pumpkin Lactic & Pumpkin Peel Resurfacing Treatments -

Resurfacers are designed to target many aspects of the ageing process including fine lines, wrinkles, slack skin, pigmentation and sun damage. These amazing multi-tasking gentle peels pack a punch with Glycolic, Salicylic and Lactic acids, as well as vitamin A, to reduce break outs, unclog and reduce pores, plus firming and smoothing the skin. The production of collagen and elastin is also increased. I recommend resurfacing treatments in courses of 3 to 6 to ensure optimum results, although singular peels can also be enjoyed as a booster treatment for the skin.

Alpha Peptide Resurfaces

Designed for the effective resurfacing and rebuilding of the dermal matrix through the use of glycolic acid, lactic acid and peptides. A high result resurfacing treatment which increases collagen synthesis, reduces fine line and wrinkles and combats pigmentation.

Single - £90
Course of 3 - £270.00
Course of 6 - £500.00