Semi Permanent Eyebrows (Eyebrow Tattoo)

Would you like to have beautiful, structured eyebrows that are an asset to your face?   We have all seen them, on celebrities such as Megan Fox and Kylie Minogue.  The perfect eyebrow is not just for the celebrity elite.  Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo enhancement is now available to the masses and when executed by a talented artist can truly make you look 10 years younger...

As you age, the brow drops and the skin looses it's firmness, making you look older than you are.   In addition to this there are a  variety of medical conditions that can also affect the brow growth.  Maybe you have thyroid disturbance, alopecia or have had chemotherapy?     It may be that you have simply over plucked your brows and they never grew back.

Using brow pencil is fine, but it means spending precious time in the morning carefully trying to  get them symetrical, and their longevity is somewhat limited as it is only temporary.  This makes everyday life activities such as swimming, steam rooms and sports difficult because one is always wondering if their brows will still be there!

Bespoke Permanent Makeup For You

Permanent cosmetic eyebrow enhancement washes any worries away (not your eyebrows). A colour will be custom blended for you, and then I will take great care to design your new brow shape, using my special Arch Angel technique (exclusive to Belinda Hayle Aesthetics) and once you are happy, I will start infusing the colour with delicate hairstrokes into the upper layer of the skin. Discomfort is minimal, and most clients will have a well deserved snooze during the treatment. The whole process takes approximatley 1.5 hours, and you will leave with beautiful, coutured brows that will be the envy of your friends and family.

Aftercare advice and homecare treatment will be given, and a follow-up appointment will be arranged for approximately 4-6 weeks later. This will allow me to check your new enhancement and make any minor adjustments, should it be needed.

Here a Belinda Hayle we are re-creating the perfect brow for clients everyday. Call 01932 566776 to find out how eyebrow enhancement can give you The Lift you deserve!