Permanent Makeup FAQs

Am I suitable for this treatment?

Most people are able to have permanent makeup treatments.  At your free consultation, Belinda Hayle will discuss the
 procedure in detail with you.  This is your opportunity to ask as many questions as you wish and, together, a treatment
 plan will be organised.  Belinda will analyse your skin and tone, and you will be able to discuss in confidence any concerns 
you may have about areas of your appearance you would like to enhance, improve or camouflage.

Remember that
 semi-permanent makeup is a very successful treatment for improving contour, assymmetry and volume.

How long will my permanent makeup last?

Your permanent makeup enhancement can last for many years.  However, everyone is different, and the longevity of
 your enhancement will depend on many things.  Your lifestyle, sun exposure and environmental factors will all play their 
part in your enhancement fading gradually over time.

But on average, clients can expect to return to the clinic after
 one year to eighteen months for a colour boost appointment.This will ensure your enhancement is always looking fresh and
 at its best.

Are permanent makeup treatments painful?

Your comfort and care are our top priority, and it is important that you are nice and relaxed during your treatment.

 this in mind, an anaesthetic cream will be applied before treatment starts.

Is permanent makeup safe?

Yes. We use only single sterile applicator cartridges, and the pigments we use are formulated from natural minerals,
and are prepared to the strictest standards of hygiene.

All pigments used in the clinic have CE european approval,
are safe, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic.  The pigments we use are frequently used by private and NHS hospitals.

Furthermore, opthamologists recommend permanent makeup procedures for clients with sensitive eyes.

What costs are involved? - Is permanent makeup expensive?

Please refer to our price list for treatment costs.  We strongly feel there is value in the saying "you get what you
 pay for".

Your choice of facial aesthetic clinic should be based on the experience, talent and quality 
of care provided by the practitioner.   Belinda has a loyal, returning and continually referring clientele, and this is due
 to the exceptional quality of work she produces, consistently and safely giving her clients enhancements that they love and tell their friends about.

Belinda frequently corrects unflattering enhancements that have been carried out by less experience technicians.