Permanent Makeup and Semi-Permanent Makeup

Belinda Hayle | Permanent Makeup London| Semi-Permanent Makeup Surrey

Permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing is the art of implanting colour into your skin. You may have heard it referred to as 'semi-permanent makeup, as the result can fade over time. Safety and hygiene is one of my top priorities and you can be assured that I only use specialised sterile instruments to place hypoallergenic colour pigments into the top layer of skin. Over a 14 day period, the colour will slowly fade as it is naturally exfoliated from your skin, leaving the true colour embedded in the dermis. You will need to return one month later for a complimentary control procedure, during which the colour may be balanced if necessary. Don't be an elusive butterfly.  Allow us to help you capture your beauty!

"Oh Belinda what a godsend meeting you. Thank you sooo much! I can't wait for a top up. I will never not have eyebrows again. I love them. Thank you x" - Kirsty L, Surrey

I provide permanent makeup services from my state of the art clinic in the heart of Surrey, giving you Knightsbridge and Harley Street quality just outside of London and without the hassle of having to travel in to the city.

Permanent Lip Liner Enhancement

Discover the beauty of a natural lip enhancement. Subtle colour is infused to create a blush of colour through the lip. You may have thinning lips or an A-symetrial cupids bow. It may be that you just feel your lips are pale and lacking colour. Using a very fine needle (just like an acupuncture needle) colour can be expertly infused and your new lips will be healed in just a few days. That's half the time of other systems ! Lets face it, who has time for down time? This is why permanent lip enhancement is popular, it means that you can literally gloss your lips and go...!

Permanent Eyebrow Enhancement

Hair loss due to a variety of medical reasons can be a very distressing experience. Thyroid disturbance, chemotherapy and Alopecia all affect the growth of the eyebrow, as well as over plucking and waxing. Belinda is one of the UK's top permanent makeup artists. She has been head-hunted to work with the best in the industry in Knightsbridge and Harley Street, working on high profile, celebrity clients. But not everyone enjoys the trek in to London. You can now enjoy top semi-permanent makeup from Belinda Hayle at her state of the art clinic in Surrey.

Permanent Eyeliner Enhancement

Eyeliners are so popular as clients realise they will never have to worry about running and smudged liner again. With semi-permanent eyeliner you can be as daring or subtle as you like, and there are a multitude of colours available. Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have. Here at Belinda Hayle we are re-creating the perfect brow for clients everyday. Call 01932 566776 to find out how permanent makeup enhancement can give you The Lift you deserve!