Permanent Lip Treatments

Women know what they want, and what they like. Take a look through your make up bag at the lipsticks and lip liners you have brought over the past few years, and you will soon notice that the majority of them are of the same shade and tone! With that in mind, the idea of a permanent lip colour seems to make sense.

 You see, as women we have a certain idea of how we like to appear to the world on an everyday basis. This is usually quite different from our evening look, which can be quite dramatic. Whatever your daytime look is, it is probably the same for the majority of the time. Your endearvours with lip colour are usually to enhance your lip colour and lip volume. 
 You leave the house looking great, and by the time you have had your first coffee, they are bare again! A study conducted in 2004 calculated that in a lifetime the average women consumes (yes eats!) 4 to 6 pounds of lipstick! Considering all the ingredients used in a lipstick, that makes for an undesirable diet of chemicals that were never meant for consumption.

The benefits of permanent lip enhancement are endless. With many people now discovering the freedom it gives from the daily ritual of continual colour application. Not only will this procedure enhance your colour, but can also be used to correct the symetry, volume and contour of your lip. Semi-permanent lip tattoo make-up is also used for medical conditions such as Vitiligo, scarring and cleft lip pallet.

 At your appointment, your lip contour will be carefully drawn on with a lip pencil first, following a thorough discussion about the look you wish to achieve, so that you can see your new lip shape.

Your chosen colour will then be carefully implanted into the lip, using safe and proven techniques. You can be sure that all equipment used is state of the art, and that all needles come in a single, sterile package. Hygiene and safety are our top priority for you. 

In a few days, your lips will be showing their beautiful new colour and shape, and you will be the envy of everyone. Aftercare advice and post procedure treatment will be given to you, and a follow up appointment can be made for just will be made for approximately one month later.