Permanent Eyeliner - Eyelash Enhancement

The use of eyeliner is certainly not a modern phenomenom. It's use goes far back to 1330 BC, when the Egyption Queen Nefertiti used a mixture of Lead and Arsnenic to produce a black paste that was used around the eye, in a striking winged designed. Actually, this ritual was done for health reasons and not for beauty, as in very small doses these compounds are anti-bacterial and the Egyptians new this.

Today, this seems like a mad thing to do, as we now know how toxic these substances are. However, whatever the reasons for it's use, it is for her unique beauty that Nefertiti is remembered and her striking eyeliner is her legacy to all women, and is her trademark that carries to this day.

Eyeliner application for many women is a tiresome daily ritual, as we all know that after a couple of hours it begins to move and smudge. What started out in the morning as a beautiful application, tends to look scruffy by mid-day and is no longer doing it's job of enhancing your appearance. It is because of it's limitations that so many women and men are now choosing permanent eyeliner procedures.

It does not have to be applied as a makeup look. You can choose to have a complimenting colour subtley inserted through the lash line. This will give you a natural enhancement that gives contour to they eye, and will give your eye that twinkle. It is not obvious and only you will know it is there.

You may wish for your look to be more made-up, and choose an eyeliner enhancement that is thicker. The choices are plentiful and we will give you support, advice and the benefit of our knowledge, to help you choose an enhancement that you will love for a long time. You may even want to give a nod to the beautiful Queen Nefertiti and have what we now call a Latino liner. A beauty trend that started so long ago, must surely be a record!

The benefits of semi-permanent eyeliner procedures are enormous.

It is frequently used for clients who have lost their lashes due to alopecia. Suitable for those with poor eyesight and physical disabilities, and those with sparse lashes. What is reassuring is that it won't smudge and rub away, and it allows you to take part in any sport. Permanent eyeliner is great for sensitive and watery eye conditions, looks perfect 24/7, 365 days a year, and will allow you to rush out of the house knowing you look good! saving you prescious time on your morning beauty ritual, enabling you to look great on your holidays.

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