Paramedical Micropigmentation - Medical Camouflage Treatments

Restore confidence and boost self esteem...

I work very closely with a Consultant Surgical Oncologist in the Surrey area. My work is trusted and I see this as an honour and a privilage. The camouflage treatments I do are often of great value to my patients, giving them back their confidence and self esteem.

Micropigmentation (Permanent Makeup) has evolved. It is an advanced, complex treatment that requires expert skill and judgement in order to create a realistic match of skin tones, thus giving camouflage and replacing what has been lost in the most natural and harmonious way.

Many men and women opt for medical tattooing following surgery. Using my clinical knowledge and artistic know how I use state of the art techniques to create the illusion of a 3-D nipple and areola complex.

My techniques are also wonderful for the camouflage or darkening of light areolas and breast uplift scars.

Is Medical Tattooing right for me ??? Yes if.......

- you have scarring (post surgery or after an injury)
- you suffer with Alopecia, Tricholomania, underactive Thyroid or chemotherapy and have lost your brows or lashes
- you have pigment loss due to Vitiligo
- you have had a mastectomy

Please feel free to get in touch. Consultations are free and all information is treated in the strictest confidence.