Hypothyrodism Problems and Belinda Hayle Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

Over a year ago at 38 I was diagnosed with hypothyrodism. I was at my lowest when my skin became dry and my hair had become brittle. At one stage my hair started to fall out. I really lost my confidence when my eyebrows also fell out and i could not make my make up look good.

I really started to worry as my wedding was in August and i wanted to look perfect for my special day.

I had heard about permanent makeup but was really worried about finding someone who could carry out the treatment. My local hairdresser reccommended Belinda Hayle and on my first consultation she made me feel relaxed about my condition and explained the procedure thoroughly. I wish i had found out earlier about Belinda as my eyebrows look fantastic now and my confidence has soared. Belinda was also able to help me with my skin condition, something i had been to my GP about on several occassions. Belinda started me on a skin care regime and adviced me on minerals and vitamins that would help me.

My skin is now the best it has ever been, and I have so much energy and confidence. Thanks to Belinda Hayle I will look forward to my wedding day and I thank you so much for giving me back my sparkle.

Carolina Cunningham
17th August 2011