The day I met Belinda Hayle...

The day I met Belinda turned out to be a fateful one indeed. She noticed I had a small blemish on my face and asked if I had seen a doctor to have it checked out.It had been there on and off for about a year, it was irritating but nothing else, like a flakey spot that wouldn't heal.

She thought it could be a type of skin cancer. She was right! I had it removed, all is well. The lady knows her stuff. She also said I had a touch of the Ronald McDonald eyebrows...much more serious I thought! Same old story, plucked them to pieces one day, never grew back, pencilled them in ever since. Not very well obviously. Belinda worked her magic, I never looked better. No longer felt naked, browless, like a ghost. I feel wonderful and they look amazing.

I will always be grateful for the day our paths crossed. If you want perfect, sexy, permanently yours eyebrows don't put it off, go to Belinda. You will be delighted. Thanks Belinda, you are an angel.

Susie Alexander