Belinda Hayle - Permanent Makeup Artist & Trainer

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to find out more about the wonderful world of semi permanent makeup. My name is Belinda Hayle and I am a leading expert in the field of permanent makeup and medical micro-pigmentation camouflage treatments. I am very blessed as I have the pleasure of a varied clientele, from the lady next door to the celebrity of today. Guest appearances on television, radio, write ups and reviews in numerous newspapers, magazines, online publications and titled 'Brow Queen Of Surrey' by Vogue Magazine, I have successfully worked my up to be a highly skilled practitioner and am a certified permanent makeup educator and trainer.

It is really important to me that EVERY client leaves my clinic feeling beautiful. My philosophy towards my work and especially my clients is one of professionalism, compassion and empathy. You can rest assured that you will always be looked after and I have an absolute policy of no back to back appointments. Your permanent makeup treatment will also ALWAYS be carried out by myself and not a junior member of staff.

There are many reasons people come to see me. We all want to look our best and semi-permanent makeup is the answer to looking groomed and immaculate 24/7. Most of my clients are on a quest for the perfect eyebrow, defined eyeliner, or to achieve a beautiful lip contour where all that is needed is a dab of gloss and you are done. Often it is due to ill health and hair loss following Chemotherapy or Radio Therapy treatment for cancer. I see many ladies and gents because they are suffering from an auto-immune problem such as Alopecia or an under active Thyroid. I have no doubt that expertly applied permanent makeup treatments have an amazing ability to boost ones confidence and self esteem. It is this boost to my clients general well being that keeps me motivated to ensuring that I am always developing my techniques and passing this knowledge on to my students.